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Welcome to West Chiropractic
Live your best

We believe that everyone should live to their fullest potential and whatever that may be is unique to each individual.

Our goal is to help as many people achieve their optimum with outstanding care and attention.

At West Chiropractic in West Byfleet, near Woking, we provide a service that enables our clients to live their best and promotes their individual goals and dreams; however big or small. One person’s Marathon may be another person’s walk to the shops.

We offer our services in these areas: Addlestone, Chertsey, Walton, West Byfleet, Weybridge and Woking.

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Want to know more, but not ready to sign up for a full assessment? Our discovery visit can tell you what is wrong, why it’s happening and what you can do.

We are fully GDPR compliant, and will never misuse your data.

Lower Back Pain

If you’re suffering with back pain, we’ll get to the route cause and prescribe a personalised treatment plan. Whether medical, sports injury or something else, our team of experts will get you your life back.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a number of different factors. Sometimes it’s a simple case of sleeping position or posture, other times it requires a little more in-depth investigation. Either way, our therapists will advise on the best course of action.

Headaches & Migraines

From tension headaches to migraines, we treat a range of patients – some who have struggled for more than 10 years. Few know that headaches can stem from neck pain and bad posture which is why our team of expert chiropractors can help.


Suffering with lower back pain or leg pain? You may have sciatica. But don’t worry, we have a whole host of treatments suitable for various ages and lifestyles. We’ll also provide you with a range of at-home exercises to aid your recovery.

Shockwave Therapy

If you’re struggling with pain anywhere on the body, you may benefit from Shockwave Therapy – a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the body’s natural repair process. The best part about it? Many notice immediate effects.

Orthotics and biomechanical assessments

From flat feet to high arches, there are a number of medical conditions concerning the feet that can impact your day-to-day life. However, there’s a simple – and pain-free – solution.

The latest from West Chiropractic

We put out regular blogs for our customers to keep them updated on what we’re doing, and also to give more information on how the body works, and what to look out for. Read some of our blogs below:

Please look below for our most frequently asked questions.

Below are questions that new and existing patients ask, if you have any questions that are not listed below, please contact West Chiropractic here.

Before your first visit, our receptionist will confirm your appointment time 24 hours beforehand and will make sure you have directions and a place to park. When you arrive, we will ask you to fill out a health history form and then you will see Dr Jeremy for a consultation. The consultation will involve a medical history, physical examination, posture assessment and X-rays if clinically necessary.

Once we have completed your initial consultation it will take 2 hours to process the results and propose a treatment plan.  The chiropractic assistant will invite you back at a time that is suitable for you either later on in the day or week. At the second visit Dr Jeremy will go over your results, show you your x-rays (if taken) and outline the plan to help achieve your goals.

The treatments don’t hurt, however following the adjustment there maybe some muscles and ligaments that will need to adapt due to your new posture. This can cause some stiffness in certain areas, this is normal and we advise you to pop an ice pack on the area for 10 minutes after your adjustment and drink plenty of water.

The cracking or popping noise when you receive an adjustment is gas being released from the joints. This is normal.

The first consultation costs £50, this is a full spinal assessment which involves muscle and nerve testing, posture analysis, orthopaedic testing and X-rays (£60)  if clinically necessary.

An adjustment is £55 if you pay as you go. However, we do have discount options available depending on what works best for you.

Monday – Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday – closed

Everybody is different and has different responses. We start very easy and explain everything that we will do on the first adjustment clearly before we perform it. Some people may feel looser more flexible afterwards, some people nothing after the first one and others may feel stiffer in the areas we have worked on. Each response is normal when we move the body around, it’s important to remember if the problem has been there for a while it will take more than one adjustment to respond.

This depends on the chronicity of the condition – whether it has been weeks, months or years will play a big part. The severity of the condition is also an important factor that your Chiropractor will be able to advise on. In the report the Chiropractor will outline the problem and tell you based off the examination how long it should typically take to feel better.

We understand that everyone is busy and has a life outside of West Chiropractic, but we ask you to please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t make an appointment and we will do our best to re-schedule this for you. We are very flexible and will always try to keep you on schedule.

We offer our services in these areas: Addlestone, Chertsey, Walton, West Byfleet, Weybridge and Woking.


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