Why Do The Adjustments Take 10 Minutes?

We see many clients who have been to Physiotherapists and they mention to us that the Physiotherapist spends 30 minutes working on their low back, why don’t we spend 30 minutes doing that on their low back?

Well the reason is in the principle focus of the treatment. In that Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are stimulating blood flow to areas in the muscle to provide oxygen and vitamins for the repair of the injured muscle.

Chiropractors main focus is to take pressure off the nerves and this isĀ  done by adjusting the spinal segment that is pressing on the nerve to restore proper function throughout the body. When a spinal segment moves out of place from stress, which can come in the form of postural stress, trauma such as car accidents or even falls or bumps from many years ago; this can cause the nerve that is being impinged to not function at it’s optimum this creating symptoms like pain, ache or pins and needles.

Often when the bone moves this will also cause the muscle to be under more stress and thus causing pain, if we just focus on the muscle and the bone is still misaligned then the problem keeps coming back thus causing relapse. So we have to adjust the bone as well.

This is why we have a combination of soft tissue therapy and adjustments in the clinic with both therapy modalities to provide resolution.

Chiropractors specialise in restoring proper spinal function and to do this we don’t want to be adjusting every single spinal bone as thisĀ  can make things worse, so it’s important to adjust the priority bone, which may take 10 minutes, it’s an extremely powerful procedure, we set the bone, leave it and let the body work until we see you again, check the spine, see how it has changed and set another bone, leave it and repeat until we get proper function and resolution.