What ages do you treat?

This is a topic that I am passionate about and I do believe that everybody should be allowed to have chiropractic care. What often stops a lot of people is they think that they are not suitable and already pre diagnose themselves or their children. a lot of people think that you must be older to see a Chiropractor as that is when back pain is worse. However, this is not the case and if you have a spine then a chiropractor can assess you.

The oldest patient that I have seen is 93 and the youngest I’ve seen in the clinic it’s been 8 months. My son Kit is the youngest patient I have treated outside the clinic and he was just a couple of hours old. Why would you treat a new born baby? It is not like they can walk or develop bad habits for their spine.

The reason Chiropractors will specialise in treating new-borns and children is because birth can often be traumatic and cause neck issues as well as cranial bone issues through the skull which can affect the baby’s ability to thrive. As children grow the environmental factors will determine how they develop, they will fall, run, and jump and it’s important for their bodies the mechanics and the nervous system to be working optimally.

On the other end of the scale people often think they are too old for chiropractic care or their parents are too old for chiropractic care. ‘You can’t help me, I’m past it I’m beyond hope’. This is generally what we’re a lot of the time, with older patients the bones tend to be more brittle and the cartilage is more dehydrated meaning the actual ceiling is lower, we can’t have you in your 20’s again but there is still a lot we can do for you and it doesn’t mean we can’t treat you.

The oldest patient I have treated is 93, she is still under our care as we speak. With older patients and children, the type of care is vastly different, it is very gentle and involves a lot of breathing techniques and less manual adjusting through the spine.

We have recently finished a corrective care program with an 86-year-old man he was suffering with very acute left leg sciatica. It was affecting his ability to care for his wife and be able to do DIY around the house. Within six weeks he had reported a 90% reduction in pain and by the end of his creative care program was back up to his normal self.

Dr Geoffrey hello has completed his paediatric chiropractic training so specialized in treating new-borns hello children all the way through.

If you are unsure if your child will respond to chiropractic care please bring them in for an assessment and if you are older and on the fence about whether or not chiropractic will work for you again please come in for an assessment we can explain everything to you.