What is core ? By Dr Geoffrey Biarge (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Some of you will answer it’s abdominals muscles and back muscles. That’s right. Maybe you can name the muscles. Great but not 100% accurate.

Core is everything from the nose to your toes.
Core is a vital protector of internal organs.

The body needs to load before it can explode. This is one of the most fundamental things, loading before explosion. (see my references to cadavers exercises below. I can give you a list of them but I am gonna make people angry).

Our bodies are subject to some principles such as gravity, ground force reaction, mass momentum, acceleration, deceleration…
Spine works on selective pressure of nature, which is 3 dimensional (tri plane). 3 dimensional means sagittal plane (Anterior/Posterior), frontal plane (Left/Right) and transverse plane (Left rotational/Right rotational)

One of the other universal laws is that the body follows the path of least resistance.

It’s common to see L5 pars fracture which can lead to instability especially with young gymnast girls (training with high volume). It’s a stress fracture and asymptomatic. Most people dont notice it unless they have any X-Ray of the lumbar spine.

Gymnastic is a great sport, probably the best you can send your kids to so no discussion about good or bad.

Which plane is not directly subject to gravity? Transverse plane.
Most orthopedic injuries are on the transverse plane and it’s exactly what happened with our young gymnast. This kind of injury doesn’t happen on the sagittal plane.

Strength is being efficient in energy transfer. It’s your ability to produce internal tension against external resistance.

You want a good core, learn to use it.
Crunches are for cadavers… they are cadavers exercises ! The only time you see a kid doing a crunch is when you’re changing the diaper and they have a fart.
What do you see is the baby rolling to the side, because the body knows how to be efficient.

Try this when your kid (or husband) is screaming in the car on the backseat. You can do a reach with your left arm (UK drivers) to give him a teddy bear (or beer)… It’s pretty challenging.
Now try the same reach but with your right foot pushing to the floor.

Isn’t that easier and less stressful ? Learn to use your core.

If you want more details and more specific knowledge bombs on core applied to sport (especially CrossFit), please read this article from Cyril Gretchi on RedPill Training blog below. Best in movement mechanics… by far.