How long does it take to correct chronic low back pain?

The process can be sped up by avoiding these four simple things. We often start the diagnosis process with asking a series of questions tailored to our individual clients depending on their background, what they do day to day, in terms of being physical or sitting. How they have lived their lives and what they have done in terms of sports activities over the years plus any accidents and injuries they have had. And we’ve managed to uncover many mistakes that our clients have made that have been easily undone so they can start the process of treating chronic low back pain.

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Is Sitting is bad for your back?

Sitting is the new smoking. And it’s impossible to get away from the desk. We use computers, iPhones, iPads, in a flexed over position as it puts enormous amounts of pressure through the lower back and the discs. Taking regular breaks every 15 minutes, even if for just 10 to 15 seconds to get up, stand up, walk around, take a phone call can decompress the spine, alleviates stress through the low back.

Is Carrying a bag on one side is bad for your spine?

This is a huge problem. Carrying a handbag, a rucksack weighted on one side over a period of time can cause the body to favour one side more than the other and causes tilts or rotation of the spine and pelvis and can then cause chronic low back issues. The body starts to compensate, so it’s really important to either use a two strap bag or alternate the sides.

Sitting on my wallet bad for my back?

As previously mentioned we sit for too long, so if you sit with anything in the back pocket, even so much as a thin card wallet, it will alter the height of the pelvis and hips and can put more force through one side of the spine. Phones, wallets, keys always put them in the front pockets. Keep the spine in a neutral position.

Is wearing high heels bad for my back?

High heels are the number one culprit here. They cause an anterior pelvic tilt thus putting pressure into the spine. Let me say, big boots and flip flops are not good for our spines, although very comfortable Flip flops cause a contraction of the foot muscles which goes to the calf, up to the hamstrings, pulls them in the back. They’re very comfy but not good for long walks. Always remember to keep the best footwear when moving around and going out on longer walks.

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