3 Main Causes Of Neck Pain

We have seen so many more of our clients this last 12 months develop neck pain. More working from home, more computers, and smart phones.

I know so many of my friends who are not as fortunate as me and cannot go into the office, cannot see people or get the interaction we need as human beings. We replace this and try to find some sort of ‘normality’ on our smart phones, or what we think is normality. On zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, facetime chatting to friends and family to fill the void on an evening or weekend where we cannot see our loved ones or get into the office to see our colleagues.

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Are Zoom & Facetime Bad For My Neck?

We cannot have that walking chat with Dave from marketing down the corridor, it must be a zoom call scheduled at 10am on Monday to discuss what the plan is for that week. This is all done behind our desk, behind our computer or smartphone all the while putting more stress on our neck and spine.

I say ‘our spine’ because sitting does put stress on the whole spine, but the neck is the area that you will feel the most. This is because it is usually the most mobile and malleable, so it can be adaptable to a certain point, but soon after that it gets too much laptop time and starts to cause a problem.

So, what is the answer? Chuck the smartphone out? Stop working from home? Unfortunately, not for the next few months, we are going to have to persevere, but hopefully as Boris says, ‘I can see the light come June, with every jab…….’

We need to get our bodies in the best position to ensure that when we are working or doing different activities that we do not cause detrimental effects to our body

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If you had 10 minutes per day what is the one thing you would do to get rid of neck pain?

If It were me knowing what I know, I would use a denner roll or traction wedge. What on earth is that?

It is designed to increase the curve in the neck, we need to have 3 curves in our spine for spring and shock absorption, they help to restore the body’s natural curves.

You lie on it in the evening for 15 minutes and it bends the neck back taking pressure off the neck muscles, nerves and the shoulder muscles. But even if you only had 10 minutes per day it will make a big difference to working from home.

You can try lots of different exercises and stretches and back stretchers, even posture straps are good, but do they cause long term corrections? The great thing about the wedge is that it actually moulds the shape of the spine so it keeps working after you get off it.

If you don’t have one, then please let me know, we have them in the clinic. Or you can use a rolled up towel, its not as good but is a start in the right direction.

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