What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Back Pain?

  1. How can I sit more comfortably at home?

This is a great and cheap tool to increase core stability whilst sitting for long periods of time, for example at a desk behind a computer. The wobble cushion is a disc full of air and when you put your weight on it, it will make you wobble around. This will cause you to tense your stomach and pelvic floor muscles, keeping them active while
you are sitting which will activate that powerful protective brace that surrounds your spine. This means less force will go through your discs and will help avoid early degeneration in the spine.

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They are available at amazon for around £10.

2. Which position should I sleep in when I have back pain

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping so it’s important to get it right. So many times we hear ‘I wake up with back pain in the morning’. This is so common and is to do with the way we are sleeping. Imagine if you have a bad spine that is not being supported for 8 hours per night, it will exacerbate the condition and not allow it to rest and heal. The best position for most people is to be lying on the side with the arms out in front and legs tucked up at 45 degrees to keep the spine in a neutral position. However, what we also hear is ‘Well I start like that and then I end up on my stomach with my head turned to the side’. A way to help this is to tuck a small pillow between the legs to prevent you rolling over when you fall asleep. It’s not full proof but this can help.

Sleeping on the stomach is probably the worst position to be in, it puts a lot of stress on the spine and also your neck as it has to be turned to one side.

The mattress quality can play a huge part in how well your spine is looked after during the night. I can’t recommend which mattress firmness will suit you best as everyone is different and you have to try and find something that will work best for you. However, there are lots of retail outlets that now offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. What I must emphasise is how important it is to change your mattress once every 5 years, as they get worn down and the quality reduces.

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3. Can I wear high heels when I have back pain?

Something as simple as clothing choice can play a huge role in the way our bodies function. For example, wearing high heels will tip the pelvis forward and force more pressure on to the low back and can exacerbate a bad back, whereas flat shoes keep the spine and pelvis neutral and stable. MBT’s are a shoe designed for people with back issues. They have a large foam sole
that is U-shaped which provides a rocking motion whilst the person is walking to minimise impact and ease the joints through the walking motion.
Tight jeans can also constrict certain movements like climbing stairs and can force
the low back to be used. Perhaps try avoiding skinny jeans and try something slightly
looser and more comfortable which you can move easily in.

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