This is the most common condition we see in the clinic and it causes huge problems.

A slipped disc is clinically referred to as a prolapsed disc. A disc is the ‘jam donut’ between the vertebra (bones in the spine), it acts as a cushion to support the spine and give the shock absorption when we walk, jump and run.

What is a intervertebral disc?

Often the load through the spine can be interrupted with trauma, posture and sitting position and this can cause the disc to come under more pressure. Thus altering the make up of the disc and can cause it to tear or fissure and the ‘jam’ (nucleus pulposus) can leak out and press on the spinal canal and nerves causing pain.

You can get disc inflammation or disc pressure before a disc decides to ‘slip’. So this is when the disc comes under strain and you may get a back spasm, stiff back or some achiness in your back. It is important to recognise this and act on it before you do more damage to your disc.

So how do you treat a disc?

We have many resources available to us in the clinic including a digital x-ray machine, shockwave therapy, massage therapy, plus four Chiropractors. The decompression table is a state-of-the-art machine that is one of the most effective ways of relieving pressure on a disc either in the neck or the low back without using surgery (Choi et al, 2015).

Our clients use the decompression table frequently when they are suffering with a disc herniation. It instantly relieves pressure by applying traction to the spinal segments either side of the disc away from each other, reducing pressure and pain in the spine and often sciatic pain.

With gradual pressure sustained over a 20 minute period this is enough to elongate the ligament either side of the affected vertebra segment to alleviate pressure through the disc.

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