Tech Neck

It seems ironic that I’m writing to you about ‘Tech Neck’ whilst you sit at your computer or iPhone and read this. However, such is the time we live in and it’s unrealistic for me to sit here and bash technology and say we shouldn’t use it at all and go back to pen and paper.

What I propose is that I offer you some ways to use technology so that it doesn’t cause you any long-term problems such as back and neck pain or headaches.

So how does it even happen?

When you look down to your phone, tablet or computer we don’t even realise it, but we tuck our chins in and tip our heads forward, this automatically reverses the natural C-shaped curve in the neck and puts pressure on the discs in the neck. It also tractions the head forward which stretches the rest of the spinal cord.

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So how to correct this?

  • Hold your device up by bringing your shoulders up to eye level when you are sitting. This obviously will stress the shoulders but can build stability if you are pulling your shoulder blades back and down.
  • Limit the amount of time you are on your device. Why not try to do more work from a desktop computer or laptop ensuring it is correctly set up with proper posture.
  • Retractions of shoulder blade- whilst standing waiting for the train looking down at your phone. Look up, pull your shoulder blades back and down 10 times to counteract the stress on your neck.
  • Use a tablet/phone holder-these can be found on amazon for as little as £5. They prop the device up so it’s closer to eye level and will stop you looking down.
  • Upward facing dog-bit more advanced, but will increase extension of the spine. Do this by lying face down on the floor, slowly push up on your palms to curl the spine back, hold for 5 seconds and back down. Repeat 5 times, this really helps to reverse the actions of being in a flexed position for too long.

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