About West Chiropractic

At West Chiropractic we provide a service that enables our clients to live their best, and promotes their individual goals and dreams; however big or small. One person’s Marathon may be another person’s walk to the shops.

Chiropractor-Dr Jeremy Andrews

Dr Jeremy is a doctor of Chiropractic and Director of West Chiropractic.

He had an interest in biology, mechanics at school as well as being a keen sportsman. This led to a degree in Human Musculoskeletal Science at the University of Bristol.

Unlike most Chiropractors he hadn’t heard much about Chiropractic as a kid, but that soon changed following a challenging back injury sustained whilst at Bristol. He experienced first-hand how debilitating back pain can be, not being able to get out of bed for 2 days shortly before his finals, and he struggled to find a suitable treatment.

Dr Jeremy was on a cycle ride later in the year and was chatting with a Chiropractor about his frustrations at the lack of knowledge and treatment for debilitating back pain. The Chiropractor offered for Jeremy to observe him several times and it was after these observations that he realised there was more to health than just taking medications and painkillers.

Following this experience, Jeremy enrolled at the AECC and spent 4 years in Bournemouth developing his skills and gaining his Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr Jeremy believes that everyone should live their best self and does everything he can to make that happen for all of his clients at West Chiropractic.

Outside of the clinic, Dr Jeremy enjoys training for triathlons; completing an Ironman in 2016. He is now turning his attention to Crossfit competitions and spending time with his fiancée, Charlotte.

Dr Jeremy Andrews, Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr Jeremy Andrews, Doctor of ChiropracticChiropractor

Chiropractor-Dr Antonio Vernashci

Ever since I was a young child I have lived an active lifestyle and can thank my parents for entering me into many different sporting teams at such a young age. My father says that as a baby I was kicking footballs before I was able to walk! Growing up I naturally gained a passion for health and physical fitness with an ultimate desire to play football.

After gaining my A-Levels I was fortunate enough to be offered an athletic scholarship in the USA where I was able to express my abilities as an athlete and gain a BSc degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton. This experience was invaluable for me and shortly after graduating I was able to sign a professional contract to play for the Anaheim Bolts. Alongside this, I also qualified as a personal trainer with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

My time in America taught me many lifelong lessons and whilst both playing and working with numerous professional and semi-professional sports teams, unfortunately I became exposed to many sports injuries.

This is where I was able to find chiropractic as my life’s purpose. I had previously heard of it performing wonders for my parents but never really understood how it worked. It was having treatment from a chiropractor after multiple injuries, and also witnessing and hearing about teammates with injuries who were also making miraculous recoveries that I decided I wanted to learn more. I researched more into it and not long after I decided to return to the UK where I began my studies at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth.

Whilst studying I attended many chiropractic seminars and spoke to numerous chiropractors, I was amazed at the amount of miracle recovery stories due to chiropractic care and could not wait to start helping others in such a holistic way. I now love transforming people’s lives for the better on a daily basis.

Dr Antonio Vernaschi, Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr Antonio Vernaschi, Doctor of ChiropracticChiropractor

Chiropractor-Dr Geoffrey Biarge

Geoffrey grew up in the south-west of France, graduating from the Franco European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC) in Toulouse.

Geoffrey focuses on restoring function through natural, safe and effective chiropractic care. To help his patients achieve their true potential and balance, Geoffrey treats patients of all walks of life, from newborn to senior to pregnant patients.

His professional chiropractic journey started in the south east of Spain, then continued in the Basque Country, Scotland and has finally brought him to Surrey.

Geoffrey continues to expand his knowledge of the human body through fitness and functional movement. He has engaged in sport activity since childhood, as an avid football and later rugby player. Actually following RedPill training mentorship to improve movement efficiency to ensure optimal performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Dr Geoffrey Biarge, Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr Geoffrey Biarge, Doctor of ChiropracticChiropractor

Chiropractor-Dr Joy Harrison

Joy grew up in the sunny south west of England in Poole, Dorset. She was fortunate enough to enjoy an active lifestyle outdoors and spend plenty of e time on the water near where she grew up (weather permitting!)

After gaining her A-Levels at Bournemouth College, she then went on to do a foundation course in Human Biology which enabled her to enrol into the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2014. During her first year she got awarded an academic scholarship for her outstanding achievements due to the grades she received and after 5 years of study, she qualified with her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2019.

During her studies she became a qualified sports massage (ActiveIQ Level 3) therapist and reflexologist (VTCT Level 3) alongside her degree. The human body has always fascinated Joy from a young age and she is always keen to learn new things, expand her clinical knowledge and keep up to date with current literature by attending various chiropractic talks, seminars and workshops.

Outside of work, one of her more unusual past times includes aerial acrobatics, which has been keeping her fit for the last couple of years. Alongside this she also enjoy cooking, spending time with her family and friends and of course her little Jack Russell – Buddy.

Dr Joy Harrison, Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr Joy Harrison, Doctor of ChiropracticChiropractor

Clinic Manager

Lauren is our clinic manager who brings a wealth of experience within administration and individual patient care; Lauren strives to make everyone feel like an individual and has learnt this through her background of working for a corporate private hospital. Lauren believes that first impressions matter and providing individual care starts from the first point of contact.

Lauren is passionate for knowledge and is driven by the desire to care and help individuals to meet their goals. When not at work Lauren can be found enjoying her life long hobby of horse riding in which she cares for her two horses.

Lauren Cutler, Clinic Manager
Lauren Cutler, Clinic Manager

Chiropractic Assistant

Tina has had a varied and extensive experience in customer facing roles within the Banking, Police and Private healthcare sectors which she has thoroughly enjoyed. What is most important to her is providing the highest levels of service to our clients in a friendly, approachable and caring manner, she believes that the’ best customer experience’ is paramount both to our patients and to the ethos of our clinic. She most enjoys client interaction and building relationships.

Tina has a passion for travel, which may have been sparked by living abroad for most of her childhood. She has travelled widely and has in recent years discovered the joys of cruising, which all her family enjoy. In her spare time Tina enjoys both Zumba and swimming at her local Health club together with socialising with her family and friends.

Tina Williams
Tina WilliamsChiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Assistant

Sam has lots of experience in various roles ranging from banking to retail, promotions and receptionist at a prestigious health club.

She is a firm believer that a high level of customer service is key, more importantly that it is delivered in a friendly, kind and caring manner adaptable to the environment within.

Sam enjoys working at West Chiropractic immensely, chatting to and looking after our patients and seeing the changes as people progress with their treatment is very rewarding.

When she is not in the clinic she is a big fan of a mini break, a keen traveller, a bit of a foodie,  loves to cook for her family,  but also enjoys eating out.  Like to go swimming and  enjoy Pilates and spending time with her family & friends down by the coast.

Sam Culkin Smith
Sam Culkin SmithChiropractic Assistant