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Why Is It Important How I Breathe?


“Why do we put so much emphasis on breathing?” Breathing is something that we all take for granted. We do it every single day, often 16 times per minute, more if we’re exercising. It just happens, right? You just take it for granted. As you are reading this you are breathing. This has to happen [...]

Why Is It Important How I Breathe?2021-07-16T13:33:32+01:00

Should I Have Massage & Chiropractic Together?


Should I Have Massage & Chiropractic Together? Why do massage and chiropractic work so well together? A common conversation in the clinic between the team and our clients is around dual therapy care. Massage goes hand in hand with chiropractic due to the nature and the effect that they both have on the human body. [...]

Should I Have Massage & Chiropractic Together?2021-07-07T12:48:03+01:00

How To Help With Neck Pain


4 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Which pillow should I use? Pillows are especially important when it comes to the neck pain. It is a minefield out there, which one you should choose? A feather, orthopaedic or memory foam, which one is best? The correct answer is there is no one pillow [...]

How To Help With Neck Pain2021-07-07T12:41:15+01:00

What Is Tennis Elbow?


What Causes Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow is a common injury particularly amongst sports athletes including tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, which involves using a racquet. However it’s not limited to just athletes and racquet sports. It can be from overuse such as manual labour using a screwdriver or repetitive injuries around the house where the [...]

What Is Tennis Elbow?2021-07-07T12:56:40+01:00

What Causes Back Pain?


What Causes Back Pain? The one we wanted to go through today is probably the biggest question we get asked. Somebody asked me this week and it’s ‘what causes back pain?’ So I wish I had the answer and I wish I could say to you this is the one, the number one thing that [...]

What Causes Back Pain?2021-07-07T12:42:15+01:00

I’m Not In Pain, I Just Want To Stay Mobile & Flexible Long Term


I'm not too bad just want to stay mobile So for those who don’t know, we do a frequently-asked-question in the clinic. One of our clients has asked us this week, “I’m not too bad. I’m just wanting to maintain my independence, my mobility long term and there must be other people out there who got [...]

I’m Not In Pain, I Just Want To Stay Mobile & Flexible Long Term2021-07-07T12:46:20+01:00

How Many Chiropractic Treatments Do I Need?


How many adjustments do Chiropractors Do? A common question asked by many of our clients and I wish I had the answer for every single one of them.   Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to solving back pain or sciatica. The reason is people have had their issues [...]

How Many Chiropractic Treatments Do I Need?2021-07-07T12:48:03+01:00

What Is A Slipped Disc?


The Falsely Named 'Slipped Disc' This is a term that is loosely used and incorrectly used because discs don't actually slip. Spoiler alert So what actually happens and what is a disc? The discs are between your vertebra which are the bones through your spine, the most common areas for disc injuries are in the [...]

What Is A Slipped Disc?2021-07-07T12:46:20+01:00

How To Stay Active & Avoid Injuries-Crossfit


What Is Crossfit & Why Do Chiropractors Get Involved? We just celebrated the 2021 CrossFit Open a few weeks ago, on this occasion we give you a quick review regarding the practice of CrossFit and injuries. How you can manage them with chiropractic, in terms of prevention and treatment. The definition of fitness Greg Glassman came [...]

How To Stay Active & Avoid Injuries-Crossfit2021-07-07T12:56:41+01:00

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