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West Chiropractic Blog

At West Chiropractic we provide a service that enables our clients to live their best, and promotes their individual goals and dreams; however big or small. Find all of our expert articles below.

How To Get Motivated

“The impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way”  Marcus Aurelius. Eric Thomas said that he didn’t believe in procrastination and made an analogy. If someone’s ready to give you 1 million pounds tomorrow at [...]

Motion Is The Lotion

The best exercise for low back pain. This is from Mike our sports massage therapist who works back pain every single day, a great insight here. Patients often ask what the best exercise is to make their back pain to [...]

You Are What You Eat

By Dr Geoffrey Biarge (Doctor Of Chiropractic) Very few nutritionists in the world would argue with : eat real food, not too much, mostly plant based. Regardless of whether it's people trying to reach elite sports or trying to lose [...]

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