Ice Pack


Instantly relieve pressure and pain with this handheld hot/cold gel ice pack

  • Pop in the freezer before use to soothe inflammation and pain
  • Heat in the microwave for a calming and relaxing solution to aches
  • Ideal for joint pain, Arthritis, sports injuries and more
  • Stays frozen longer than ice
  • Relieves pain, aches and tension in minutes
  • Simple addition to your daily life


If you’re suffering with joint pain – whether medical or sports injury related – this handheld hot/cold pack can help.

By putting it into the freezer for 30 minutes before use, it provides effective relief for headaches, back aches, muscle strains and inflammation. By putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds, it can be used for sciatica, back pain and general aches.

It’s been proven that using ice after treatment can boost recovery and reduce stiffness. What’s more, heat has been proven to relax muscles and provide a calming effect to the body’s pain signals.

Flexible, portable and lightweight, this compact ice pack can be moved around your joints like the knee, shoulder and neck. It’s also great for taking with you meaning you don’t need to worry about being in pain, wherever you are.


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