Massage Gun


Soothe aches and pains, and massage away muscle tension with this handheld tool

  • Ideal for post-workout, warm ups, muscle tension and general aches and pains
  • Various speed settings and 6 attachment heads so you can tailor the treatment
  • Muscles and soft tissues are relaxed – thanks to vibration stimulation
  • Blood flow is improved and lactic acid removed
  • Recovery and warm up time is sped up
  • A brushless motor makes this device quieter than others


Whether you’re looking for a massage device to help you recover from exercise or you suffer with daily aches and pains because of an ongoing medical condition, this handheld tool is a great way to get some relief.

Boasting 6 attachment heads, each specially designed to treat different parts of the body, this device uses percussive therapy to soothe muscles. It works by sending repetitive vibrations into the muscle and its tissue, slowing melting away tension and stress.

Simply glide it over the desired treatment area for 30 seconds and instantly feel more relaxed. Loved by athletes and doctors all over the world, muscle massage devices are revolutionising recovery and can be easily added into your routine.


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